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Instant, short-term financing that lets business buyers delay payment at the time of the online transaction.

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At NOTYD we believe that B2B e-commerce should be empowered by direct and frictionless payment. So we have made it as easy as possible for sellers and buyers to do business together, relying on NOTYD to handle the payment at a later stage.

Instant finance solution for Buyers and guaranteed payment for Sellers, simple as that. Let’s do business!
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for buyers

Instantly buy on flexible credit terms with NOTYD

Paying with NOTYD is simple and quick. Make your business purchases as easygoing as your personal purchases.

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Pay by invoice

Do your online shopping through a 100% online check-out process and pay by invoice with flexible payment terms.

Instant approval

Skip lengthy credit applications and registrations, get your purchase approved instantly, and complete your purchase as easily as ever.

Improve your cash flow

Pay with flexible payment terms of 14, 30, 60 or as late as 90 days and improve your cash flow, which will help you to empower your business.

Personalised experience

Always clear and up to date. NOTYD is 100% transparent in its conditions and always keeps you informed when your payments are due.

Convenient payment methods

Easily pay your orders via iDeal, Bancontact or bank transfer.

Superior payment experience

Enjoy the frictionless payment experience of paying with NOTYD. It is easy to use, and is likely to become your preferred way to go!

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Take a look at how simple your business purchasing could be

for sellers

Add NOTYD to your checkout and see your business grow

Buyers need a simple checkout process and flexible payment terms. With NOTYD you can offer flexible payment terms to your buyers without impacting your cash flow, risks and additional overhead.

Flexible credit terms

Offer flexible payment terms of 14, 30, 60 or 90 days to your buyers without time-consuming registrations.

Improve your cash flow

Get paid as soon as 7 days, no matter what payment terms your buyers choose. Guaranteed. So no more cash flow problems from credit terms, outstanding invoices or delayed payments.

Hand over the credit risk

We take on the risk of late or unpaid invoices. In a split second, we determine creditworthiness. No risk for you.

Save time – no admin work

No more time and money spent on customer registrations, onboarding, credit checks, collections and chasing late invoices. We take care of everything.

Payment links for offline orders

Offer your buyers flexible payment terms on orders placed through offline channels, for instance by phone or email. Simply create a payment link, and send it to your customer to finish an order through the online checkout process after all.

Increase sales revenue and average order value

Simplify your checkout process and offer flexible payment terms that allow buyers to make bigger purchases to fit their cash flow.